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Therapeutic areas include but are not limited to: Ankylosing spondylitis, Atrial fibrillation, Cardiovascular (incl. heart attacks / strokes), Chronic heart failure, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Diabetes Mellitus (Type II), Gout, Hyperlipidaemia, Hypertension, Infections, Influenza, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Pain Management, Prostate cancer, Psoriatic arthritis, Radiation dermatitis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Thrombotic events

The Helderberg Clinical Research Centre which is a dedicated research site (DRS) has been enlarged and upgraded. It now occupies 671 sq m on the 1st floor of 7 Arun Place, as well as 80 sq m on the ground floor of this building.

The Helderberg Centre is adjacent to the Vergelegen Mediclinic private hospital, a sophisticated 277-bed hospital with in-patient facilities, and provides access to accredited pathology services, comprehensive radiology services, on-site DXA and state-of-the art calibration equipment. There is a wide range of medical specialists in the adjacent buildings whom Dr Ellis frequently consults. Many of these specialists are involved in the studies as co-investigators.

Site Investigator / Medical Doctor:
Dr Jennifer Rosa
Site Nurse:
Sr Maureen Mohata - S.S.C.
Sr Elizabeth Coetsee - S.S.C.
Quality Control Associate / Data Capture / Laboratory Associate:
Sr Ronel Coetzer - S.S.C.
Marketing Associate:
Sr Alma Vermeulen - S.S.C.
Clinical Research Pharmacist / General Manager:
Ms Mandy Cilliers
Dr Faruq K. Khatib
Mr Izak J. Theunissen
Ms Mandy Cilliers
Dr Jacobus J. van Wyk
Administration / Financial Officer
Ms Christelda Lourens
Patient Database / Recruitment Associate
Ms Elize van Huysteen
Administrative Assistant
Ms Elani Botha


+ Patient waiting lounge with refreshments
+ Patient examination rooms (4), two also equipped as procedure rooms, all with patient examination beds
+ Emergency trolley, stocked to SAHPRA standards, and with supplemental oxygen
+ Arwyp Private Hospital's Emergence Department situated across the road
+ 2 Investigator work stations
+ Offices for 3 study coordinators
+ General Manager's office
+ Office for the General Practitioner/investigator
+ Dispensary for investigational products (IP), with areas to store IP at 15-25 degrees and 2-8 degrees.
+ Office for pharmacist with additional consulting / IP administration area to ensure patient privacy
+ Work station for the financial officer
+ Laboratory for blood processing (incl. centrifuges, incubator and freezer), urinalysis and preparation for international or local shipment.
+ Room for study monitors / meetings / training for 8-10 persons
+Monitor's work stations (maximum of three monitors per day)
+ Storage room for participant source documents - access controlled
+ General storage for sponsor supplied study related materials - steel cupboards allocated per study
+ Interim archiving facility (approx for 6 months after site close-out, then outsourced)
+ Ablutions
+ Kitchen

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